Kilin Shi

Kilin Shi, M. Sc.

Department of Electrical-Electronic-Communication Engineering
Chair of Electronics (Prof. Dr. Weigel)

Room: Room 04.233
Cauerstraße 9
91058 Erlangen

Curriculum vitae

Kilin Shi completed his bachelor’s degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in April 2015. Afterwards, he finished his master studies in Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Information Technology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in July 2017. Since August 2017 he has been working as a research assistant at the Institute for Electronics Engineering and is part of the team Circuits, Systems & Hardware Test (CST). His research topics are digital signal processing and algorithm design for contactless vital sign monitoring based on radar.

Research areas

  • Digital signal processing
  • Algorithm design for vital sign monitoring
  • Measurement, evaluation and analysis of vital signs

Open Thesis Projects

Just contact me if you are interested in the topics above. Focus of the thesis can be set depending on your strength and preferences.

Finished Thesises


  • Master’s Thesis Philipp Wiedemann, “Automated risk estimation and detection of time of death based on clinical radar vital signs data”, 06/2020
  • Master’s Thesis Henriette Stark, “Evaluation of different concepts for non-contact blood pressure measurement by radar”, 06/2020
  • Master’s Thesis Timo Maiwald, “Investigation of a concept for wireless and periodic monitoring of the pulse wave and pulse wave velocity”, 06/2020
  • Forschungspraktikum Timo Maiwald, “Design and development of a test procedure for the measurement and evaluation of pulse capsules for sphygmography”, 09/2019
  • Master’s Thesis Oliver Schlegel, “Design and comparison of different system concepts for radar-based vital sign monitoring”, 12/2018
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Melanie Mai, “Detecting Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals in Polysomnographic Data Using Intelligent Pattern Recognition”, 12/2018
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Philipp Süß, “Implementation of an Android application for communication with a mobile six-port radar”, 06/2018
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Michael Roth, “Investigation of a novel concept for non-contact breath detection”, 05/2018
  • Forschungspraktikum Oliver Schlegel, “Development of a portable radar system for non-contact measurement of vital parameters”, 05/2018


  • 2018: GMDS-Förderpreis für Medizinische Informatik (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS))
  • 2018: Posterpreis: "Kontinuierliche berührungslose Erfassung von Herzschlag und Atmung als Surrogatparameter für Symptomlinderung – eine Pilotstudie" (DGP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für palliativmedizin))
  • 2018: 2018 IEEE I2MTC Student Travel Award (IEEE)
  • 2016: Excellent Demo Track Presentation (Radio and Wireless Week)
  • 2015: 3rd Prize Most Innovative Project Award (Innovation Research Lab Exhibition (IRLE))