Neues Graduiertenkolleg SyMoCADS

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The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a new Research Training Group at FAU. The research training group entitled “Synthetic Molecular Communications Across Different Scales: From Theory to Experiments”, SyMoCADS for short, is being run by the Institute for Electronics Engineering (LTE) in combination with 6 other chairs.


The college provides a structured training program for doctoral students and deals with the interdisciplinary applications of molecular communication.


The use of molecules, instead of electromagnetic waves, as information carriers is suitable for communicating with objects, cells or organisms. For example, molecular communication via odorous objects or the sensing and control of bioprocesses on a microliter scale will be investigated. The control of magnetic nanoparticles in blood vessels, which can be used to fight cancer (magnetic drug targeting), is also part of the research program.


Applications for doctoral students in electrical engineering, medical engineering and communication technology can be submitted on this website.