Institute for electronics engineering

On October 18, 2022, Anand Dubey was able to successfully complete his doctorate on „Bayesian Architecture and Learning Algorithms for Recognition of Vulnerable Road Users using Automotive Radar“. We wish Dr.-Ing. Dubey continued success.

During the European Microwave Week 2022, taking place in Milan from September 25 to 30, Andre Engelmann won the EuMIC Young Engineer Prize of 2000 € for his excellent paper "Design of two Low DC-Power High-Efficiency D-Band Power Amplifiers in 22 nm FDSOI". We congratulate him very much.  

On 01.07.2022 Stefan Erhardt successfully completed his PhD with the topic "Long-term radio localization method with extremely energy-efficient, miniaturized mobile radio loggers". He worked as a research associate at LTE from 2014 to 2022 and led the Circuits, Systems & Hardware Test group from...