New booking system for student rooms

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A new booking system for the student rooms of LTE is now available, which can be used for convenient booking of time slots for the limited number of available workplaces. This replaces the previous system, booking is no longer done by the supervisor, but can be performed by students on their own. The system is used for time slots reservation as well as contact tracing in the course of the Corona pandemic. Booking data is stored for 4 weeks.

To book a timeslot, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Select the desired room (Windows or Linux pool), select the desired date and time slot under availability.
  2. Login with your IDM account, required data is filled in automatically.
  3. After submitting, an e-mail will be sent in which you have to confirm the booking first!
  4. A check-in must be done at the booked time by using the QR-Code (posted at the workplace), or a link from the e-mail.

Booked time slots can be cancelled at any time, as long as no check-in has been performed.

The check-in must take place on the booked date/time within 15min, otherwise the booking expires and the workplace becomes available again.

The overview of the student rooms can be found here:

Rooms for student work


The system is based on the RSVP WordPress plugin developed by RRZE. For more information, please refer to the RRZE’s blog entry on the new booking system.