LTE very successfully represented at Student Design Competitions at IMS2022

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Student design competitions were held at the International Microwave Symposium in Denver on June 21, 2022. The competitions encourage scientists to find creative solutions to problems and gain design experience by developing a circuit or system to overcome a challenge while considering the established constraints of the competition rules.
IMS 2022 featured several competitions covering a wide range of topics, from power amplifiers to vital sign radars.
The LTE was very successful:

  • 1st place for Alexander Deublein and Michael Loose in the “High-Efficiency Power Amplifier” competition with their power amplifier prototype at 3.6GHz
  • 2nd place for Sebastian Peters, Florian Probst and Marie Horlbeck in the competition “High-Sensitivity Motion Sensing Radar” with their 24 GHz Vital Signs Radar
  • 2nd place for Jasmin Gabsteiger and Christian Dorn in the competition “Design of a Self-Interference Cancellation Coupler”

Congratulations to all!