Dr. Kilin Shi receives VDE Bayern Award

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Dr. Kilin Shi has received the VDE Bayern Award for his doctoral thesis. With this award, VDE Bayern honors outstanding technical and scientific achievements as well as schools with outstanding STEM initiatives and innovative start-ups.

In his doctoral thesis, Kilin Shi shows that human heart rates can be reliably measured by radar, even through textiles and mattresses. In medicine, the ECG can be used to check the health of the heart; the heart rate variability (HRV) derived from the ECG also allows conclusions to be drawn about other chronic and mental illnesses. However, a long-term ECG in particular is anything but comfortable for the patient – after all, the measuring device has to be worn on the body for 24 hours or longer. After extensive studies with test persons at the University Hospital Erlangen, Kilin Shi developed a method with which HRV can be determined contact-free and yet precisely. To do this, he uses complex digital signal processing as well as novel machine learning and neural network concepts. The engineer has already published his research results in around 30 international publications. He now works at the start-up smedo GmbH, developing medical technology products for the contactless measurement of vital parameters.

Congratulations Kilin!