LTE Wins High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design Competition and Florian Probst Receives Research Award at IMS23

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(v.l.) Prof. Georg Fischer, Alexander Deublein, Michael Loose, David Riess und Prof. Robert WeigelMichael Loose

During the International Microwave Symposium 2023 in San Diego, the LTE was very successful. First, Florian Probst was awarded the MTT-S Graduate Student Fellowship Award. In addition, the group of research assistants Loose, Riess and Deublein won the High Efficiency Power Amplifier Student Design Competition.

In this competition, participants had to overcome specific challenges in designing a power amplifier. The LTE team designed and fabricated a high-frequency power amplifier using transistors from an Infineon GaN-on-Si process, which was finally publicly measured in San Diego. In addition to the prize money, the design will be published in MTT-S Microwave Magazine next year.

The chair warmly congratulates the team on this success. With their outstanding performance, they have once again proven that LTE is capable of developing innovative and efficient solutions in the field of power amplification.