Girls and Technology Practical Course at LTE

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This year, the LTE has again diligently participated in the Girls and Technology pratical course.

The Girls and Technology practical course at FAU offers girls between the ages of 12 and 18 the opportunity to get a taste of the world of technology and to conduct experiments at various departments for a total of one week.

At the LTE the motto was “We are building a radio” and so almost 30 girls were allowed to build a radio over 3 days with the help of the staff members Thomas Kurin and Jasmin Gabsteiger as well as the assistant scientist Katharina Fiedler. Resistors, capacitors and potentiometers were soldered, loudspeakers were mounted and much more, so that at the end of each experiment all girls were allowed to go home with their purple PCB radio. We are already looking forward to the next Girls and Technology internship.